The Boy Who Wouldn't Sit Still is a delightful book about a boy whom most of us know already (and love). What makes The Boy Who Wouldn't Sit Still so charming and unusual is the innocent literalness of his responses to others in his life. When his sister asks him to pick up his room, he tries to do just that! When Grandma says 'go climb in the car' he tries to do exactly that, only to be told 'That is not what I meant!' Everyone who has ever been a boy or known a boy will relate to The Boy Who Wouldn't Sit Still. It is a wonderful book for kids 3 and up and parents, caretakers and teachers of kids age 3 and up. Even girls like it!"


K-Gr 2—The boy who wouldn't sit still may be familiar to many parents, teachers, and students. He follows directions literally and acts impulsively. When asked to "pick up" his room, he stacks his belongings on the bed and lifts everything off the floor. He "passes" bread as if it were a football and "climbs in the car" through the back window. Rhyming text and cartoon-style illustrations add to the lighthearted depiction of the challenges hyperactive kids and their caregivers may face. This protagonist may be likened to a junior Joey Pigza as a character who shines a positive light on a boy's excess energy. Youngsters who have difficulty winding down or sitting still are likely to identify with this child, while parents and teachers may come to a better understanding of what it is like to be a boy who won't (or maybe can't) sit still. An interesting discussion starter.

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"Do you have a wriggling, jumping, rolling, never sitting still little boy in your life? Does he take your words literally and when you tell him something he rushes through his task and then runs to the next activity? Then The Boy Who Wouldn't Sit Still! is for you! The scenarios in this cute book are HILARIOUS, the illustrations are beautiful and exaggerated (along with the text). PERFECT for a kid who can never sit still!"


"This is about a day in a life of a little boy and his adventures. He has things to do and places to go and wouldn't sit still. His day starts the moment he wakes up. He has so many thoughts and ideas in his head! It's hard for him to lie still and rest when people don't realize the things they suggest. He is told to jump in the shower by mom. At lunch Dad says, 'Can you please pass the bread?' So he does, right over his head and straight through the window! He is given a time-out and he is wondering why the words people say can make his thoughts go a different way.
I laughed reading this book because the scenarios are hilarious. The rhyming text is lovely and beautifully illustrated by Jeff Smith.The funny part is when his mom says 'Go jump in the shower' and the child jumps around in the shower for an hour or pretends he's on a trampoline splashing around in the bath tub. I highly recommend this book for every household that has a boy who will not sit still!"


"A wonderful book! My class loved the story, rhyming and great pictures!! They were engaged in the story the entire time. GREAT JOB!"

-M. Baca, Kindergarten Teacher, Encino Elementary School

"An impressive book! I love the idea that the little boy takes everything so literally. My kids take this book as one of their 'traveling' reads; my daughter often reads it to my son on our trips about town. He always gets a big chuckle out of the boy 'picking up his room'!"

-A. Lima, English Teacher, Lincoln Middle School

"An easy book to engage the listeners and fun to read out loud! My daughter read it to our neighbor who is almost four and he loved it! He got a big kick out of the 'plays on words'!"

-F. Jones, Founder, READING ROCKS! Program

"I loved this book! This is a story about real boys, written to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The story is funny and so true! We will be reading this book over and over for a very long time. Even my 3 year old 'sits still' long enough to hear the whole story!"

-L. Miller, Clinical Psychologist

"I just read this one to my 5 year old tonight and she loved it. We couldn't stop laughing as we read through how things may sound to a little boy vs how the adults meant it to mean. As soon as we were done my daughter wanted to read it again. She then proceeded to try and "pass" me some bread and pretending it broke the window and then "hopped" into bed. I love when books get my kids so excited."

-Debbie's World of Books

"I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I had entered because the boy featured in the book sounded suspiciously like my 4 1/2 year old son and it sounded like something he would enjoy.
We received the book today and HE. LOVED. IT. I had to read it several times and he thought it had been written jst for him (seriously!). It was just long enough to keep his interest, the illustrations are great, and it was definitely fun to read. I have a feeling it's going to be a new favorite with my boy who won't sit still.
The book also prompted a nice discussion on how the things we say can sometimes be taken two different ways, and we went through the book and used the little boy and his adventures as an example.

-Goodreads Giveaway Winner, Heather

"Super cute book! The kids loved it and so did I. It has great illustrations and a good story line too!"

-Goodreads Reader, Susan

"I won the book in a giveaway. I entered because I thought my little sister would like it. Then I won it, I was so happy. My little sister liked the book and she wanted to read it without me telling her to read. I read it and thought it was really funny and colorful!"

-Goodreads Giveaway Winner, April

"My six year old LOVES this book! Great rhyming that keeps kids entertained with a completely familiar boy!"

-Goodreads Reader, Angie Carpenter

"I won this in the first reads contest from Goodreads. I am a special education teacher, and we always have a lot of boys who won't sit still.It's really fun book I know I'll be reading to my students in the fuuture. It definitely shows a different side of not being able to sit still, and really shows it's okay to think a little differently, even if not everyone understands where you're coming from."

-Goodreads Giveaway Winner, Jessica