About the Author

The goal of this book was to take some fun rhyming text, match it up with some lively illustrations and share with the reader (and the read-to) a day in the life of one little boy and his rabbit sidekick. If you smile or giggle or think for one second, "I can relate to that!" then our goal has been achieved.

Sharon Lester lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband and two young sons. When she's not running after her boys she works as Director of Distribution at RainbowReleasing, an independent film company.

About the Illustrator

Jeff Smith, who has always loved to play and go to the beach, was really able to add his own personal life experiences into this boy who just won't sit still. Jeff works as an Illustrator/ Graphic Designer in Long Beach, CA. He was thrilled to work on a book that brings back the fun of reading through rhyming and situations children can relate too.